Rose Newman

rose-newmanFounder: Rose Newman
RNS Founder, Rose Newman reflects, October 1984
“Love mercy, do justly and walk humbly with God.”
(Micah 6:8)
This Biblical verse from the ancient Hebrew prophet Micah was the subject of Ruth Newman Shapiro’s confirmation message many years ago.

“The Ruth Newman Shapiro Cancer and Heart Memorial Fund (RNS) is based and was founded on that Hebrew Bible verse,” said Rose Newman, mother to Ruth, and founder of RNS. Mrs. Newman, in an interview with Pulse Beat, spoke sadly of the deaths from cancer of her daughters, Ruth Newman Shapiro and Sheila Newman Levine.

“I dream of my children. They are with me all of the time and I feel they are looking down and saying ‘Mother, just keep on going’ and I say, ‘Children I will try to make up for your deaths somehow.’ ”

“The success of RNS since its founding [in 1961] has reflected its long time motto ‘Because We Care… RNS Succeeds’,” emphasized Mrs. Newman. “As I look back… I say that never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that RNS would grow to such proportions and raise the money that it has.”

Mrs. Newman related that what RNS accomplished “was never the idea we had in mind.” She said the original intent “when the seven women who founded the group got together was to purchase a cobalt machine which her son-in-law Dr. Joseph Linsk said was needed.” He said, “we can help people avoid the expense of going to New York or Philadelphia for treatment and if they didn’t have the cobalt treatment they would simply die without having the opportunity to be saved.”

Longevity was never the goal of RNS. “I didn’t think we would be in business as long as we have been and I certainly didn’t think it would ever evolve into such a fantastic thing,” Mrs. Newman stated, adding “we thought after the cobalt money was raised, that would be it. But we kept on going and RNS multiplied like rabbits.”

“I guess we can say that, with our labor and God’s help, we are able to save lives or at least bring hope and comfort to some people.” Mrs. Newman now feels there will always be an RNS.

“If not RNS, I hope there will be a group that is involved with their fellow man to make it a more abundant life and a better world.”