Fund Fact Sheet/ Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Ruth Newman Shapiro Cancer and Heart Fund?

Ruth Newman Shapiro (RNS) Cancer and Heart Fund is an over 50 years young, non-profit organization with over 1,000 members that has raised over $12 million to fund more than fifty programs, services, and equipment purchases for Cape May County and Atlantic County hospitals while also serving countless people throughout their existence.

Why was RNS created?

Ruth Newman Shapiro was a vital young woman in her mid-thirties when cancer brought her life to an abrupt and tragic end. As a result, her mother, Rose Newman, turned her personal grief into positive action by reaching out to the greater Atlantic City community and establishing the Ruth Newman Shapiro Cancer and Heart Fund.

How long has the RNS Cancer and Heart Fund been in existence?

Formed in 1961, 2014 marks the 53rd year of the organization and its contributions to local hospitals throughout the South Jersey region.

How does the RNS Cancer and Heart Fund support Atlantic and Cape May County Hospitals?

The mission for the RNS Cancer and Heart Fund is to provide area hospitals with the finest facilities and equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and heart conditions. During RNS’s years of dedication, the organization’s fundraising efforts have helped provide many additions to the region’s hospitals including the RNS Regional Cancer Center and Mobile Mammography Service, the AtlantiCare Regional Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Center, the Bacharach Institute for Rehabilitation, Cape Regional Medical Center and Shore Medical Cancer Center. In addition, RNS has provided equipment to hospitals including defibrillators, scanners, microscopes, stimulators and more.

Who is involved with RNS?

RNS is made up of more than 1,000 member volunteers who donate their time and money to accomplish the shared goals of the RNS Cancer and Heart Fund.

What are some of RNS’s annual fundraising events?

The RNS Cancer and Heart Fund hosts many fundraisers and events throughout the year. In 2013-2014, events included Bag Ladies Lucheon, Dressed to Care, Friends Helping Friends, Wine Tasting, Holiday Gift Wrap and Pink Ribbon Campaign to name a few. In addition to these, RNS hosted the Show House at the Shore for 18 years.

What’s one fact about RNS that more people should know about?

The Ruth Newman Shapiro Cancer and Heart Fund (RNS) is based on words of Rose Newman, the founder of RNS. She is quoted as saying “with our labor and God’s help, we are able to save lives or at least bring hope and comfort to many people.”

How can someone become a member of RNS?

Anyone interested in becoming a member of RNS should visit www. and fill out the membership information form. There is an annual fee of $20. There is also a lifetime membership available for $250. Please note that volunteering isn’t a necessary part of membership, but it is greatly appreciated and is a great help in achieving the goals of RNS. It’s also important to note that all money raised from membership dues goes towards RNS’s mission of providing the finest facilities and equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and heart conditions in South Jersey.

What are benefits of becoming a member of RNS?

Members of RNS receive the “Supporter Newsletter” as well as regular updates and information on all of their year-round fundraising events. Members also have the opportunity to volunteer for any special events and help the organization grow by sharing their support in any form and at any level.

How can people find out more information about the RNS Cancer and Heart Fund?

If you would like to speak with someone about RNS, please call 609-487-1190.

The RNS Cancer and Heart Fund is located in Ventnor, NJ, at 7223 Ventnor Avenue.

For more information about RNS, visit