About RNS

Founder: Rose Newman

Ruth Newman Shapiro was a vital young woman in her mid-thirties when cancer brought her life to an abrupt and tragic end. Her mother, Rose Newman, turned her personal grief into positive action by reaching out to the greater Atlantic City community and establishing the Ruth Newman Shapiro Cancer Memorial Fund (RNS) in 1961.

The original mission of RNS was to provide the finest facilities and equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer in the region. When the need for more sophisticated facilities for the treatment of heart disease became a medical priority, RNS expanded its mission and became the Ruth Newman Shapiro Cancer and Heart Fund in order to serve the best interests of the residents of Southeastern New Jersey. RNS is now able to plant the seeds of hope for everyone who needs it, now and for generations to come.

RNS is celebrating 50 years of dedicated service to our community. This ALL volunteer organization, through the support and generosity of members and friends, has raised over $12 million to fund the programs, services and equipment purchases for hospitals in the region.

Today, RNS is expanding its vision for the 21st century.  RNS plans to support current medical research groups who are finding cures for cancer and heart disease.  A fund to provide financial assistance for those uninsured or underinsured individuals suffering from cancer or heart disease and who need a helping hand with expenses is in the planning stages. Membership dues, honorial & memorial gifts and fundraising efforts support:

Because we care – the members of RNS, made up of over 1,000 women and men, will continue its efforts to save and preserve life.

Ruth Newman Shapiro Cancer and Heart Fund • 7223 Ventnor Avenue • Ventnor, NJ 08406 • (609) 487-1190
                                      Ruth Newman Shapiro Cancer and Heart Fund
7223 Ventnor Ave.
Ventnor, NJ 08406
(609) 487-1190